Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna is a group of tiny islands in the South pacific that form an overseas collectivity of France. Tourism is rare, partly due to the fact that the only flights to the islands come from another French overseas collectivity, New Caledonia, which is itself extraordinarily remote and little visited.

There is a population of 15,000 people on the two inhabited islands. The additional island of Alofi is uninhabited, its population believed to have been eaten by natives from Futuna. French is widely spoken. There were riots in 2005 after the King gave refuge to his grandson, who had been convicted of manslaughter.

Place (France)

Wallis and Futuna flag

Why you should go:

You are intrigued by tales of cannibalism.

Why you shouldn't:

You don't want to spend several days getting to the place.

Map of Wallis and Futuna