Tokelau is a territory of New Zealand consisting of three atolls. It has only 10km2 of land. Its severe lack of resources and overcrowding has led to a declining population. Poverty is widespread as it has the world's smallest economy. No land is more than 2 metres above sea level.

In 2005 it was devastated by Cyclone Percy, damaging housing, infrastructure, crops and killing livestock. There is no airport – only a twice-monthly boat from Samoa. There is only one small hotel, which also has the only restaurant. Other tourism infrastructure is, naturally, lacking, and there isn't a lot to see and do on the islands.

Place (New Zealand)

Tokelau flag

Why you should go:

There is nothing to distract you there.

Why you shouldn't:

You are terrified of tsunamis.

Map of Tokelau