Palau is an island nation east of the Philippines which is famous for its scuba diving. The capital, Melekeok, is the least populated capital in the world. Koror is larger, and is located on an adjacent island, a short drive across a bridge from the airport. Palau is warm, with an average temperature all year-round of 28C (82F).

The Palau Jellyfish Lake is a remarkable place where the jellyfish have no predators and no stingers as a result. There were several World War II battles in the area. The country only became independent in 1994. The American military has been granted access to the islands for 50 years, but its role is currently minimal.


Palau flag

Why you should go:

You want to dive with sharks.

Why you shouldn't:

It's not a place that you can easily boast about going to. Most people don't know it exists.

Map of Palau