Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is an archipelago nation between Saint Lucia and Grenada. It gained independence from Britain in 1979. The entire island of Saint Vincent is mountainous and the highest part is the volcano of La Soufrière at 1,234 m (4,049 ft).

The hike up is popular with visitors. Flights are only from nearby islands, which severely limits its tourism potential. English and Creole are widely spoken. The economy is heavily reliant on tourism and banana exports. The island spent several centuries being a pawn in the struggle between French and British forces for control of the region, and there are a number of forts dating from that period.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines flag

Why you should go:

It has less tourists than its neighbours.

Why you shouldn't:

It has worse infrastructure than its neighbours.

Map of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines