Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a small island in the Caribbean south of Martinique. It's interior is mountainous and the scenic highlight is the twin Pitons on the west coast – two spectacular peaks which flank a bay. Much of the coast is rocky, with many small, secluded beaches. The island also boasts a drive-in volcano, and a hot springs nearby.

Many tourists arrive off of cruise ships, but it is also a popular destination for couples, with numerous well-developed resorts to choose from. The capital, Castries, is where cruise ships dock. It is small and easy to walk around. The island's roads are twisty and narrow – it takes a while to get places.


Saint Lucia flag

Why you should go:

It has just enough things to see and do while still being a small island.

Why you shouldn't:

It can be an expensive holiday.

Map of Saint Lucia