A small, sleepy Caribbean island and a British territory, Montserrat found itself the focus of world attention in 1995. The Soufriere Hills volcano erupted and buried the capital city, Plymouth, in a layer of ash and mud. Much of the population had to be evacuated, and over half of the small island is a no-go zone today. The volcano continued to erupt intermittently for 15 years. The buried city can be viewed today from the top of Garibaldi Hill.

The northern part of the island is still habitable, and offers some nice hiking, diving and secluded beaches. Due to a large portion of the people having an Irish Heritage, St Patrick's Day is a national holiday.

Place (Britain)

Montserrat flag

Why you should go:

It's ground zero for volcano fans.

Why you shouldn't:

You don't particularly want to see a city buried in ash.

Map of Montserrat