The second-largest country in Europe, Ukraine is little visited. The Crimea Peninsula on the Black Sea is host to a number of resorts at the foot of towering mountains. The nearby town of Balaklava has numerous monuments to the many wars that have been fought in the region.

Yalta is the location of the notorious post-WII conference and today is a popular summer getaway. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone near the border with Belarus can be visited on a day tour. The town of Pripyat appears frozen in a 1980s Soviet timewarp and is slowly being reclaimed by the earth. The city of Odessa has some magnificent architecture and the famous Potemkin Steps.


Ukraine flag

Why you should go:

Chernobyl is a truly unique destination.

Why you shouldn't:

Parts can be pretty grim and the country has a reputation for police corruption.

Map of Ukraine