Slovakia peacefully separated from the then Czechoslovakia in 1993 in the Velvet Revolution. People come to Slovakia to enjoy its underrated natural beauty. Much of the country is mountainous, the highlight being the High Tatras on the border with Poland. The country has numerous superb cave systems. There is a number of excellent spas. Lakes and hiking trails can be fond throughout. He hiking infrastructure is noted for its efficiency and reliability.

The capital, Bratislava, is only 45 minutes by train from Vienna. Budapest is a similar distance from the southern border and the three cities are part of a well-travelled backpacker route. The town centre of Bardejov, in the northeast, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Slovakia flag

Why you should go:

You are a spelunker.

Why you shouldn't:

You want a city break – the countryside is the star here.

Map of Slovakia