Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina gained its independence after much bloodshed in the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s. It is populated now by Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. Attractions include the Tito bunker near Konjic, where the former Yugoslav leader planned his atomic war command, and the beautiful, historic city of Sarajevo, which has recovered well from the damage of the war.

You can visit the spot on the river where the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914, heralding the outbreak of WWI. Nearby Mostar has rebuilt its Stari Most – a 450-year-old Ottoman bridge destroyed in the war and the highlight of the city.


Bosnia and Herzegovina flag

Why you should go:

Because it is an underrated destination.

Why you shouldn't:

Hundreds of thousands of land mines remain uncleared.

Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina