Tajikistan is a mountainous central Asian country. A 5-year civil war devastated the country and impoverished its people following its declaration of independence in 1991. The economy has slowly improved since. The capital, Dushanbe, has a number of interesting museums and statues typical of a former Soviet state. The Pamir Mountains in the east rise over 7000m (22965 ft), and offer superb climbing, and trekking. Skiing is possible too.

As with its neighbours, the other 'stans', its borders are a jumble. The Silk Road trade route passes through the politically and ethnically convoluted Ferghana Valley to the north. Panjakent and its nearby mountains are often visited from Uzbekistan on the other side of the border.


Tajikistan flag

Why you should go:

Go for the mountains and the amazing drive on the Pamir Highway.

Why you shouldn't:

There are more comfortable destinations.

Map of Tajikistan