Azerbaijan possesses a remarkably varied landscape. The capital, Baku, on the coast, boasts mild winters and summers, while villages in the Caucasus mountains are cut off for much of the winter. The exclave of Nakhchivan boils in summer and freezes in winter. An ancient land, there is evidence of it throughout the country, with many old forts and some remarkable petroglyphs in Gobustan, which also has many amzing mud volcanoes which are more common in Azerbaijan than anywhere else in the world.

Khinalug is a popular and remote scenic village in the Caucasus with an excellent tourist infrastructure. Tensions regarding the breakaway republic Nagorno-Karbakh remain, and the Armenian border is closed.


Azerbaijan flag

Why you should go:

Because you have always wanted to see a mud volcano.

Why you shouldn't:

You want somewhere that is easy to travel in.

Map of Azerbaijan