Abkhazia (and no, it's not a prison in the Harry Potter novels) declared independence in 1993 after a bitter war with and blockade by Georgia. It is recognised as an independent country only by 4 other places - Nauru, Nicaragua, Russia and Venezuela and is highly dependent on Russian support for its continued existence.

The Caucuses dominate the country, with most of the population living on a narrow coastal plain bordering the Black Sea, which remains under a naval blackade by the Georgian Coast Guard. There is only one practical land crossing, from Sochi - the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Abkhazia flag

Why you should go:

Nobody you know has gone there. Nobody you know has heard of it.

Why you shouldn't:

If you do not get permission from Georgian authorities to enter Abkhazia, you will be deemed to have committed a crime by them.

Map of Abkhazia