Heard Island and McDonald Islands

An uninhabited group of volcanic islands in the southern Indian Ocean, they form a territory of Australia. Heard Island is dominated by Mawson Peak, a 2,745-metre (9,006 ft) volcano. There is no port or airport on the islands. Scientific expeditions have only used temporary bases. Heard Island's glaciers are rapidly retreating and flora and fauna are slowly colonising the island.

Seals and penguins are present. Seabirds, mosses and insects are also common. In the 19th Century, sealers stayed on Heard Island for periods of time in terrible conditions. A number of wrecks from this time can still be seen and explored.

Place (Australia)

Heard Island and McDonald Islands flag

Why you should go:

It is a rapidly changing environment.

Why you shouldn't:

There will be nobody to help you if you get into trouble.

Map of Heard Island and McDonald Islands