Western Sahara

The Polisario Front claims control of Western Sahara, but Moroccan forces retain control of much of the territory since a 1991 ceasefire. A heavily-mined 1677 mile (2700 kilometre) wall, or sand berm, separates the two areas.

Most of Western Sahara is barren desert, and few tourists visit, and even fewer since trips to the border with Mauritania in the south have become less popular since a spate af Al Qaeda kidnappings in the region and the murders of several tourists in neighbouring Mauritania. Smara is the north has the remains of an old fortress, and is the only city not founded by Spanish colonists.


Western Sahara flag

Why you should go:

You love the desert and any desert will do.

Why you shouldn't:

It doesn't have a tourist attraction of any significance.

Map of Western Sahara