Though never enduring a civil war, modern Togo was ruled for 38 years by Gnassingbé Eyadéma, who was succeeded in 2005 by his son, who won elections that were denounced by the European Union. Half of the population lives on less than one euro a day. Healthcare is extremely basic, where available at all.

The capital, Lome, is on the coast, right on the border with Ghana. Few visitors travel to the country, and few of those who go travel into the interior. The country stretches as far as the edge of the Sahara. The village of Nadoba in the far north, with its unusual houses made of clay and straw, has Togo's only UNESCO World Heritage site.


Togo flag

Why you should go:

You feel that you have to go.

Why you shouldn't:

There is only one tourist attraction.

Map of Togo