Lesotho is the only country in the world to lie entirely above 1000m. Not for nothing is it known as the Kingdom in the Sky. Driving the Sani Pass (4x4 required) from South Africa is a thrilling and challenging entry to the country. In fact, every border crossing is with South Africa, as Lesotho is its enclave.

Lesotho is considered far safer than its larger neighbour. Hiking and pony-trekking are popular in Lesotho. You can fly into a remote town and hike your way back out. Semonkong has a huge waterfall and Qacha's Nek a snake park and a man-rock.


Lesotho flag

Why you should go:

Go for the peace.

Why you shouldn't:

The HIV infection rate is the third highest in the world.

Map of Lesotho