Oil-rich Gabon suffered serious political riots in 2010, but has since been calm. Independent since 1960, it has avoided much of the internal strife and wars that have beset its neighbours. Much poverty exists there and it is a very unequal society. It is extremely remote, far from any other African tourist destination, and hence is little visited.

Loango National Park, on the coast, has been described as 'Africa's last Eden'. The rainforest extends right to the beaches. There are a number of other national parks. The capital, Libreville, has excellent cuisine, a well-maintained seafront and can be a great place to relax.


Gabon flag

Why you should go:

It is a good option if you want to go to the region.

Why you shouldn't:

There are few paved roads and it can be difficult to get anywhere in the rainy season.

Map of Gabon