Equatorial Guinea

Consisting of continental region and several Atlantic islands, on one of which the capital, Malabo, is located, Equatorial is a country of unenviable records. Oil wealth has put it suddenly among the world's wealthiest nations, yet 70% of the population live on less than $2 a day and its human rights record is among the world's worst. Naturally, tourists are rare.

The main island, Bioko, has some nice beaches while the mainland is underpopulated and extremely remote. There was an alleged high profile coup in 2004 organised by a British mercenary, Simon Mann and white westerners can expect a degree of distrust from the military. It was ruled by Spain until 1968.


Equatorial Guinea flag

Why you should go:

You want to buy a lot of oil.

Why you shouldn't:

That human rights thing.

Map of Equatorial Guinea