Comoros consists of several small islands in the sea between Mozambique and Madagascar. It claims the nearby island of Mayotte, which it has never controlled. In elections in 1974, Mayotte voted against independence. Since Independence, Comoros has endured over 20 coup attempts. Grindingly poor, it is nevertheless expensive due to the need to import a lot of goods.

A Muslim country, its population retains reasonably liberal attitudes, though attempting to convert people to other religions is illegal. 2,361 m (7,746 ft) Mount Karthala, a volcano, dominates the main island of Grand Comore and is notoriously active. Public transport in the islands is virtually non-existent.


Comoros flag

Why you should go:

You are a volcanic-island completist.

Why you shouldn't:

The political situation is vastly uncertain.

Map of Comoros