Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a group of volcanic islands in the mid-Atlantic off the Senegalese Coast. It is a stable, safe democracy and has been growing in popularity as a tourist destination for many years, appealing to visitors searching for an island destination with more cachet than Madeira, the Azores or the Canary Islands.

Pico do Fogo, a volcano, is the highest mountain at 2,829 metres (9,281 ft), on the island of Fogo. There are more than ten islands. Some are renowned for their beaches, some for their solitude, some for their mountains. Santiago has the capital, Praia, where many tourists will first land, while Sal has many resorts.


Cape Verde flag

Why you should go:

You are sick of the Canary Islands.

Why you shouldn't:

It is pretty expensive to get there.

Map of Cape Verde