About us

Traveltoanewcountry.com is designed to help people to go out and see the world, and to go to places they never thought that they would go to. You can select the things you like and filter the world’s countries to end up with a list that ought to appeal to you. We hope there will be a few surprises.

Maybe you only want to go to countries that are not vulnerable to earthquakes. Maybe you only want to go to places with volcanoes. Or that are predominantly buddhist. It takes a long time to research the 200+ countries that exist in order to try and decide which ones you may want to go to. So let us help.

Contact us on info@traveltoanewcountry.com.

Want to know more about the site founder? You can read my blog and personal details on www.landofcontent.com - a blog dedicated to understanding ang creating outstanding web content.

And if you like to cycle, check out cycleireland.ie, which publishes free and detailed online route guides to make it easier for cyclists to explore the country on day trips and longer rides. They are the most comprehensive cycle routes available and all users need to do is print them out and ride.